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Get Europe Resident Permit, Paid Job and low Tuition while you Study in Georgia!!!

Queen’s Community College is an internationally oriented college in the heart of Georgia – Tbilisi. Our college stands out with a practical vision on education and myriad advantages for students. Queen’s is committed to providing a professional education experience in Georgia (Europe) within a wide range of professional programs and certificate courses.

Queen’s Community College articulates and affirms the fundamental values and purposes of professional education in the rapidly changing environment of a global and digital world – a world in which knowledge recognizes no boundaries.

Dedicated to discovering knowledge and to educating leaders, Queen’s must itself be a leader in shaping the future of professional education in the ways in which they can make the most powerful and positive difference in the world. What do we do to meet the students’ expectations?

We emphasize the centrality of dedication, values, professionalism, and creativity in the mission of our professional college. Building a college we reinforce the significance of transcending what humans have thought, done, and been through generations, and thus to imagine where they might best seek to go.

We attract and support the most talented students and faculty and provide them with the resources to do their best work and build the future today. We must sustain the remarkable community of researchers, teachers, and learners, who are the heart of Queen’s College.

We strive to create a campus for the decades to come, the environment to fulfill the students’ ambitions and goals. A profoundly new infrastructure and facilities provide opportunity to implement modern standards to embody the intellectual progress and diversity. This must include development of spaces to enhance new cross-college collaborations and new connections among the colleges worldwide, the surrounding community, and new partners in industry and research.


The world’s challenges have never been more pressing, or more complex. Queen’s mission is to prepare the professionals of the current reality. For this reason we mobilize Queen’s intellectual, human, and financial resources. Our students and faculty must understand their profession and their designation within a global context, enriched by the content of the college curriculum, the international campus environment, and the opportunities available for significant study and internship abroad. Queen’s Certificate and Diploma courses are the fastest and economically efficient way to become a professional and get employed or start your own business.

Why QCC?

It is a sustaining quality of Queen’s Community College to provide the students with an exceptional chance to have an international experience at the renowned colleges and universities of the World. Queen’s gives the students an outstanding opportunity to get an international education at European, Canadian and Australian Colleges as a part of Certificate and Diploma courses at Queen’s Community College. Our international partners gained their name and level through hundred years of sustaining work and quality education they provide. Queen’s open the door for the best education services to you Worldwide.

Queen’s gives you a wonderful and effective way to connect your academic experience with the professional work arena through the international and local internship opportunities. It allows you to gain valuable exposure to the workplace, provides the opportunity for skill development, and gives you a competitive edge in the job search. Career planning and preparation should occur throughout your college studies. Our College bridges the gap between industry and education by offering the next generation of skilled labor the chance to get experience in their respective industries.

Scholarships which the College provides for education is a major investment in your personal and professional future. Queen’s aids local and international students through a wealth of funding opportunities, and have a team of supportive staff who can help you navigate this process.

Contact Jolie Global Travels and Tours Ltd as we represent Queens College in Nigeria.

call 08033412707 for enquiries; send credentials to for evaluation.

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